TV Club: Search Party kicks off with everyone struggling to get a clue

“The Mysterious Disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom”

Compared to all the profanities used in Search Party’s premiere—and they are out in full, partially-bleeped, force—the term “millennial” is really only an obscene word for anyone born before 1981. Or is it 1982? The age ranges for generations shifts every so often that it can be hard to remember if you’re Generation X or Y (a.k.a the millennial generation). I grew up thinking I was part of the latter, but I never applied the term to myself, because it hadn’t been coined yet. Looking back, I should probably be grateful it was never used to describe me, since it’s become such a loaded term. Millennials are at once what’s wrong with the world and the only hope for it, the reason elections are won and lost, and/or responsible for the ubiquity of brunch …

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