TV Club: Scully struggles with the little questions on The X-Files

I’m not sure exactly how to explain how little I care about Scully and Mulder’s child. Intellectually, I get how this could be a useful, and powerful, story hook. It underlines how much our heroes’ quest has unsettled their personal lives, and serves as a constant reminder of what they’ve sacrificed; William binds Mulder and Scully together, and the horror of losing a child is something that most of us can relate to, even if we don’t have to worry about giving one up for adoption to protect him from a government conspiracy. And yet, I do not care. Gillian Anderson acts the hell out of “Home Again,” but every time we pause to hear her lament her missing son, the episode sinks into a quagmire from which it never entirely recovers.

It doesn’t help that the nominal central plot of the hour, the latest …

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