TV Club: Scream: “Revelations”

With “Revelations,” Scream the TV series’ first season is officially over. With that comes the identity of “the killer” or “Ghostface Filler” or “the Lakewood Slasher” or whatever you want to call the villain of this story. Like even the most basic of mystery stories, there were red herrings and plenty of motives for nearly each character.

Back in the pilot, as Noah gave the backstory of Brandon James, the bit about James having a protective brother stuck with me; my initial reaction to it all was that Sheriff Hudson was said brother, and he and Kieran were on a father-son killing spree. Surprisingly, the show never even tried to hint anything like that—completely ignoring the Chekhov’s brother entirely—and instead moved on with much more obvious options, the type of options that were too obvious. The biggest examples of too obvious were tweedle dum and tweedle dee …

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