TV Club: Scream Queens gets meta as hell with a few “Ghost Stories”

It’s rare you learn so much about the id of a showrunner at every turn as you do with Ryan Murphy. That bizarre honestly is sometimes all you can say about Ryan Murphy’s craft in a particular moment, but whether he’s playing spin-the-bottle with characterization on Glee or hurling shock-imagery spaghetti at the walls on American Horror Story, it’s illuminating. That’s not to dismiss that unshakably-creepy undercurrent of emptiness to some of his work—it just means that the emptiness is genuine. Whatever he has to offer, we’re seeing it unfiltered and unashamed. (We’ve all seen that lineup of the men in AHS: Hotel, right? This is not a showrunner out to subsume what he enjoys in favor of narrative objectivity, is all.)

After “Ghost Stories,” for example, it’s easy to assume that Ryan Murphy (who penned this episode) doesn’t know …

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