TV Club: Scream: “Pilot”

“Call 911!”
“Calling Pottery Barn.” – a phone call in in the 21st century, TV Scream

In a world riddled with remakes, reboots, and adaptations the announcement of Scream being made into a television show was met with the obligatory questions of why and how (especially with lack of involvement from either Kevin Williamson or Wes Craven, or even Ehren Kruger) and the the obvious position of “no.” The original Scream and the franchise as a whole (even with Scream 3 as the weakest link) were a satirical love letter to the slasher subset of horror, showing both reverence and a self-aware humor for it all. It was a franchised that accepted the genre conventions, but it also managed to bend them with each installment.

In the lead up to Scream the series, the more that came out about the project—like the fact that the show wouldn’t (and couldn …

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