TV Club: Scream: “Exposed”

“Wow, you sound like a bad romantic comedy. Except we didn’t meet cute. We met sick-twisted.” – Emma, with a line that made it on to television

How do you solve a problem like Scream the TV series? Would if you could, the answer would be to nuke it into oblivion, to a point where there was never even a memory of Scream the TV series. In fact, in this scenario, every time you thought of Scream the TV series, your mind would simply go to the much superior Scream 3. (And allow me to remind you: Scream 3 is not good outside of Parker Posey.). But to even call Scream the TV series a “problem” is to consider Scream the TV series something… more. Maybe even meaningful. As episode five, “Exposed,” proves (even before Emma says the title), Scream the TV series is too devoid of substance to be …

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