TV Club: Scarlett Johansson’s makes an underwhelming entrance into SNL’s Five-Timers Club

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [very talented, not at all Asian, Five-Timers Club] star!”

Scarlett Johansson joined the Five-Timers Club tonight, to little fanfare apart from Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon’s pilfered welcoming theme song in the monologue. (Which sounded suspiciously like product placement for a certain sandwich chain). The other joke is that Kenan’s tribute video to Johansson’s other hosting stints only shows Kenan clips, which is cute, but which also underscores that Scarlett’s admission into the ranks of the FTC is less momentous than a lot of others have been since the concept was cooked up back in 1990.

In a way, it makes sense, as Johansson’s always fine without being memorable when she hosts SNL. She’s committed, a good actress, and gets her share of laughs—but the next time she hosts, I’ll still have to look …

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