TV Club: Scandal’s midseason finale blows up Olivia and Fitz

I just read Shonda Rhimes’ new memoir for a book review (to post on Monday). In it, I learned several things, some of which I could have guessed. One: She loves politics. Watching CSPAN for her is like watching her favorite soap. Two: She also loves red wine at the end of the day, along with buttered popcorn. Three: Rhimes really doesn’t get enough credit for all she’s accomplished. She created four network prime-time series with women as leads, three of which are still on the air. She writes for strong women, and puts them at the center of her dramas. This is not a thing that should be overlooked.

I flashed back to Rhimes’ memoir this episode because this entire hour was steered by the strengths of three women, going after what they really wanted. Olivia, Mellie, and Susan commandeered this episode. There were no effective Papa …

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