TV Club: Scandal: “You Can’t Take Command”

At its core, Scandal is a love story, but not the one the show has been dangling like a cat toy for four seasons. Scandal isn’t about the torrid, tumultuous love affair between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant, no matter how hard “You Can’t Take Command” tries to suggest otherwise. Scandal is about another relationship, the forbidden love between Nonsense and Bullshit. Seems like just yesterday Nonsense was saying she had given up on love and had resolved to spend her days alone. “I’ll never find someone who understands me,” she said, and her girlfriends wanted to argue and reassure her, but even Nonsense makes the occasional valid point. Then, out of nowhere, here comes Bullshit on his motorcycle, radiating ego: six-pack abs, bedhead, and a lit American Spirit dangling from his pillowy lips just so. Nonsense and Bullshit locked eyes, triggering a soul connection that …

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