TV Club: Scandal: “The Testimony Of Diego Muñoz”

To the extent Scandal‘s fourth season is succeeding, that’s not just a result of good writing, it’s the fact that the audience has been beaten into submission. Audiences develop unhealthy relationships with serialized television shows. A show makes an unfortunate turn somewhere, but viewers sit there praying things to turn around after a few episodes. A few episodes turns into the back-half of the season, then some people swear off the show. Those same people then say “I’ll just check out the season premiere out of morbid curiosity, because I have nothing better to do.” It’s hard to pull away.

Television writers capitalize on that slavish devotion. If they can detect a bum note quickly enough, they can pivot during the grace period and recover before alienating too much of the audience. Scandal‘s fourth season has been a fascinating case study in how this …

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