TV Club: Scandal: “Put A Ring On It”

You’ve all seen the logo for Shondaland many times: It’s a heart surrounded by a rollercoaster. This logo appeared to make some sense when it showed up after Shonda Rhimes’ frothy soap operas like Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice, less after her more dramatic shows like How To Get Away With Murder and her political escapade here with Scandal. But this episode Cyrus Beene gets married, in about the bleakest romantic setup imaginable. It’s as if the Shondaland heart should have a barbed-wire fence around it instead. Because now Cyrus has very little hope for ever really loving someone, more due to his ruthlessness than anything else.

Now that his fake engagement to former sex worker Michael (Matthew Del Negro) has been dragged to the center, we see some awfully poignant flashbacks to Cyrus’ previous two marriages. In the age of AIDS and trying to get …

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