TV Club: Scandal kicks off season 5 with a heavy-handed Princess Di allegory

After breaking Joshua Alston with last season’s finale (he gave it an F), Scandal kicks off season five with a heavy-handed analogy to one of the most famous people of all time. In case you were wondering who Olivia Pope is supposed to emulate this season, we’re going as high as possible. Yep, she’s Princess Diana now.

With the death of Caledonia’s Princess Emily (who also has a few Kate, Duchess Of Cornwall-looking shots), Scandal offers a clear allegory to the death of Princess Diana, in a car accident that also killed her boyfriend. The show also takes this opportunity to caution Olivia Pope about becoming just the paramour of someone completely powerful and famous. Even a force as vibrant as Olivia could wind up in the shadows of Fitz, especially while he’s still in office.

After all the convoluted nonsense last season (even the …

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