TV Club: Scandal: “It’s Good To Be Kink”

My expectation going into this week’s Scandal was that the first thing I’d want to talk about is Lena Dunham. ABC wasn’t remotely bashful about promoting “It’s Good To Be Kink” and its two high-profile guest appearances: Lena Dunham and That Wig. My Jesus, that crazy, bang-tastic, possibly sentient wig. There’s a lot to unpack about a girl named Sue, but the first thing I want to talk about is Huck. In a show half-composed of impractical characters, “Kink” solidifies Huck as the most impractical of them all. How do you solve a problem like Diego?

The question of Huck’s viability as a character first came up in “YOLO” with the infamous face-licking scene. Whatever impression the audience had formed of Huck changed the moment he licked Quinn’s face the way people who know how to live lick the inside of a pudding …

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