TV Club: Scandal: “I’m Just A Bill”

Joshua Alston has pointed out how B-613 has pretty much sucked the life force out of this show, and describes himself as “someone who sees the B-613 morass as a major contributor to the third season’s shortcomings.” The B-613 suckage isn’t doing season four any favors either. This week everyone toasts each other for going after B-613. Which is great, since didn’t they already do that last episode?

Of course, the sudden appearance of Command/Rowan always takes things up a notch. At this point, the endless Joe Morton speeches are comical. What if he just said to Olivia, “You will regret this,” and left? How awesome would that have been? But no, we get a few diatribes about her daddy issues (pretty ew coming from him) and the individual versus the republic and justice and you know, the usual. At least he did the courtesy of …

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