TV Club: Scandal: “Honor Thy Father”

Here’s why it’s really hard to get into episodes of Scandal that are as much about B-613 is as “Honor Thy Father”: It remains a bit of a mystery how Shonda Rhimes views B-613 and its role in the Scandal universe, and that makes it difficult to invest one way or the other. In interviews, Rhimes has talked extensively about how fascinated she is by the idea of B-613, which makes perfect sense given her Alias super-fandom, but she has also been surprisingly contrite about the failures of season three. As someone who sees the B-613 morass as a major contributor to the third season’s shortcomings, when I read her comments about letting the story drift, I naturally assume she’s talking about the same thing I’m thinking about.

As ridiculous as it is to do so, it’s tough not to make assumptions about how …

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