TV Club: Scandal gets ready for a female POTUS

There’s a different game being played in this Scandal half-season, and the first big sign is Olivia’s wardrobe. For the past few seasons, she has been seen almost exclusively in black and white clothing, all the better to highlight whose apparent side she was on, related to white-hat nonsense. In her first scene this episode, not only is Olivia having dinner with her dad again, but she is in an orange shift. Orange! Kerry Washington looks good in everything, but it’s practically cheerworthy to see her in some vibrant shades, especially as they appear to indicate that she is off the Fitz treadmill for good.

So this version of Scandal seems really familiar, but slightly tilted. Olivia and her dad are still having dinner together, even after all they’ve been through. Jake and Olivia are having sex, but they don’t talk. Cyrus is in the …

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