TV Club: Scandal: “A Few Good Women”

A funny thing happened on the way to the Scandal finale. “A Few Good Women” was supposed to air a week earlier, with the season finale originally slated for this week. Both episodes were pushed back to accommodate a two-hour Grey’s Anatomy. Take a moment to soak in that, because it’s awfully deep. Scandal, which, from a ratings perspective, remains the crown jewel of the Shondaland empire, was preempted to accommodate an extra hour of Grey’s, a show many people wouldn’t have known was still on the air had it not abruptly killed off its leading man. Imagine if the same call were made during Scandal‘s second season, back when #WhatTheHuck was a trending topic, and nearly every episode ended in a frenzied cliffhanger. Back then, ABC’s programming team would have had to hire private security to ensure its safety had it pulled such …

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