TV Club: Saturday Night Live: “Reese Witherspoon/ Florence + the Machine”

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie] star!”

Okay, here’s the thing about Reese Witherspoon’s monologue—I enjoyed it. Sure, it was shameless, with Witherspoon and most of the cast bringing out their actual moms, purportedly to apologize for youthful indiscretions. (None of the confessions were especially funny, but the moms all played along with endearing mom awkwardness.) And the analytical, cynical killjoy critic in me did recoil at the over-long laziness of the enterprise, but, sometimes cute is cute, what can I say. Even when Reese’s mom told Lorne to roll the home movies of the cast as kids, I could not resist the cuteness, dammit. Cute mom stuff is apparently critical kryptonite.

Luckily, Witherspoon’s first sketch of the night snapped me back into critic mode like a cold, stale glass of prop wine in a lame knockoff sketch. “Be Scene In L …

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