TV Club: Saturday Night Live: “Chris Hemsworth/Zac Brown Band”

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie/TV] star!”

In the genre of “Marvel superhero stars brought in to host,” Chris Hemsworth can’t compare to season 40 opener Chris Pratt, but that’s not really his fault. Star-Lord Pratt, after all, is a proven comic actor, while Thor Hemsworth is a big, strapping slice of Aussie beef. Sure, his work as Thor has been shot through with an entertaining vein of twinkly comedy, but he’s simply not as at home hosting SNL as Pratt was. That being said, Pratt’s material wasn’t particularly strong in his hosting gig, so let’s call it a wash. Throughout his stint as host, Hemsworth goofed around amiably and did what was asked, although he never cut loose (or was encouraged to), instead proving a pleasant, workmanlike presence in all his sketches. He played straight man in almost every …

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