TV Club: Samurai Jack’s allies gain in strength while Jack hits a new low

Jack has done a lot of hiding thus far during the season—hiding from the Daughters Of Aku, hiding from robot assassins, hiding from the brainwashed feral children, hiding from himself. But, as “XCVI” makes clear, he’s eventually going to have to emerge from the shadows.

Even as Jack is, usually, a lone warrior fighting off Aku’s minions, this episode goes out of its way to remind us that he has allies, allies who would be more than willing to help him in a final showdown against Aku. First and foremost is the Scotsman, Jack’s best-known pal from the original run of the show. “XCVI” opens with a scene of several armies, including Romans and a legion of the Scotsman’s red-haired daughters. They’re cut down effortlessly by Aku, who apparently has retreated into a constantly shifting tower (reminiscent of the tower from “Jack And The …

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