TV Club: Samurai Jack is back, and honestly he is having a pretty rough time

At the beginning of this final season of Samurai Jack, everything seems like it‘s at its lowest point. This is a formal element of the show: the opening shots are characteristic low angles, framing a wide open plain that’s a part of the series’ dystopian future. There’s the low rumble of approaching robots, on their way to summarily execute a terrified mother and daughter. (Who also communicate with little projections that show up between their antennae, ensuring a minimal need for dialogue.) And then there’s Samurai Jack himself, who’s in his lowest mental place in decades.

When Samurai Jack went off the air in 2004, it didn’t really need to come back—at least, not for plot reasons. The episode “Jack And The Traveling Creatures” featured a glimpse of an aged, battle-worn Jack using a well-protected time portal to finally return to the past …

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