TV Club: Samurai Jack has a captivating battle with human consequences

It looks like I spoke too soon last week when I said Aku wasn’t coming back any time soon—tonight’s episode starts with an extended scene focusing on the Shogun Of Sorrow himself. Aku goes through his morning routine, putting on his eyebrows and yelling at supplicants, then tries to pretend that he isn’t concerned with catching Jack anymore. But when he’s alone, he sits down with a therapist alter-ego to talk about his existential malaise, and frustration with Jack’s lack of aging. (Notably: Aku doesn’t say Jack’s name, because his session is a “safe place.”)

Jack hasn’t died yet, which puts him and Aku at a weird sort of impasse—it’s even more uncomfortable than their fight in “Jack Vs. Aku,” which is already one of the funniest episodes of the original series precisely because of how aggressively it hangs …

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