TV Club: Samurai Jack finds himself in the comically literal belly of the beast

Thus far, this season of Samurai Jack has been elliptical and suggestive, even more than the original run of the show. Jack’s quest to find himself after decades of struggle has played out in brief glimpses of striking imagery, rather than anything as prosaic as a real conversation. But “XCV” puts him in the position of finally having to interact with someone for a prolonged period of time, and Samurai Jack finally gets to flex a few of its old comic muscles.

Still, the beginning of the episode maintains the same tone as the rest of the season so far: After somehow surviving the fall into yet another part of the snowy wasteland, Jack follows a trail of blood to find Ashi, her mask shattered, and imagines a murder of crows cawing, uh, “murderer.” But as he bellows the lesson from the last episode—that it’s cool to …

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