TV Club: Samurai Jack and the Daughters Of Aku meet their destiny

This season of Samurai Jack is the show’s first (and last) fully-serialized run—if there are any episodic conflicts, they’ll probably be integrated into the overall story Genndy Tartakovsky is telling about the last stand of the aged Jack. Still, other than the brief opening narration establishing how long Jack has been fighting, the show doesn’t need a “previously on” segment. Even if you came into this episode cold, you’d get most of what you needed to know delivered right to your eyes: Jack floating down the river, sprawled out Christ-like as the water mixes with his blood.

“XCIV” is, more or less, Jack’s lowest moment, or at least it seems like it should be. He’s wounded pretty badly, he’s existentially exhausted from decades of fighting Aku’s minions, and he’s just killed a human for the first time. In the span …

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