TV Club: Salem: “From Within”

If you’re like me or Mary Sibley, you can’t stand when petty talk of gender norms get in the way of your witch war. Sure, you can handle them as they arise, but you really would rather focus on the magical threats at home from an unknown, cloaked source (which just so happens to be the love of your life), or the world’s unluckiest witch and her quest for vengeance (ironically named Mercy), or the blood kiss from a very powerful witch with a proclivity for bathtubs (the Countess’ thing, apparently). The last thing you want to do is throw a dinner party and stand your ground against a misogynistic and long-winded Puritan . That’s just not a productive use of your time.

In “From Within,” Mary faces all of these problems—even the sham of a dinner party—barely breaking a sweat (except for in the …

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