TV Club: Salem: “Dead Birds”

Another Salem season two episode, another episode where things just click. This witch war continues the shift in alliances and allegiances, as Sebastian finds himself growing more and more consumed with jealousy over Mary and Wainwright (she’s just not that into him), Tituba finds herself growing closer to get John Alden on her side (though bungling it all up at the last second), Mercy worms her way into John Jr.’s life (and gets him on to the Countess’ ship), Anne gets bold (and less squeamish), and Cotton gains some peace of mind (as his father says those three little words he’d never said in life). As everything shakes out, Mary now has science on her side, which just might be what she needs to destroy the source of the Countess’ power: her ship.

Or, it could be completely useless, because this is a witch war, not a …

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