TV Club: Salem: “Cry Havoc”

Taking the time to think about it for a moment, Salem is an endlessly fascinating show. It’s easy to call it a bandwagon-jumper, with the trend of series like American Horror Story, Witches Of East End, and even Sleepy Hollow. It’s even easier to discredit the show based on it being the first major television series on a network sort of best known for Bozo The Clown.

Instead, Salem finds itself pushing the envelope with regards to what can be shown on the most basic of basic cable stations, while also depicting an allegory of female oppression and doing so under the charge of the all too forgotten “anti-heroine.” While Mad Men is on the way out, forcing AMC and television viewers alike to say goodbye to the other half of two of television’s most iconic anti-heroes (first went Walter White, and now here goes Don …

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