TV Club: Salem: “Book Of Shadows”

Salem and its use of sex and violence is one of the things that really made the show stick out in its first season, especially as it started to revel more in its dark, camp nature. “Book Of Shadows” spends a lot of time focusing more on the sexual aspects of the show, especially as it pertains to the power that comes from that sex. As Mary tells Anne in this episode, their power comes from “arousal,” and considering the fact that these characters live in a stifling, Puritan-led society, the very thought of them deriving power from such “impure” thoughts is enough to have them be called witches, true or not.

But despite how sexually liberated “Book Of Shadows” is, it’s a slower episode in this season of Salem, one that doesn’t go for all of the gasp-worthy insanity of the first three episodes. It’s the …

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