TV Club: Safe havens are in high demand on Kingdom

I didn’t know whether to be worried about Christina’s fate when “Do Not Disturb” began with Jay experiencing housekeeping for the first time. Kingdom has a way of easing you into the episode, so things really could have gone either way. Jay’s shock at having clean towels provided at his door, along with bottled water, reminded me yet again of how fucked up his childhood must have been. I don’t think the Kulinas were ever below the poverty line (it’s never been implied), but they’ve been struggling for some time, so Jay’s probably more accustomed to flop-house motels than hotels with room service. And although Alvey provided for his kids, they weren’t much looked after. They had to grow up fast, especially Jay.

But as mundane an occurrence as it might have been for a hotel maid to drop off fresh linens …

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