TV Club: Sabine has a complicated, violent homecoming in a great Star Wars Rebels

Four weeks ago, Star Wars Rebels had one of its best episodes to date. Sabine was training for a monumental task–to reach out to her family (and all of Mandalore, in essence), via the Darksaber, and request their assistance to help the rebellion. It led to a messy airing of anger and grievances, exposing that the Ghost crew’s so-called family unity was anything but. It ended with very few problems actually solved, but the characters did acknowledge their loyalty and faith in Sabine, which was step in the right direction. “Legacy Of Mandalore” follows up on that episode quite nicely as Sabine, Kanan, Ezra, and Fenn Rau (okay, Chopper too) head to Kronos, the location of Sabine’s family and the Mandalorian sect most tied to the Empire. I say “most” because they don’t immediately report on Sabine and the Jedi’s arrival, but they do shoot …

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