TV Club: Ryan Gosling & SNL get the giggles, are adorable

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie] star!”

With not one, but two major releases to plug, there’s no secret why Ryan Gosling’s appearance as host was something of a gimme. Despite his currency, though, Gosling’s been in show business since he was a young, fresh-faced (he’s still pretty fresh-faced) Canadian lad, an entertainer’s pedigree put winningly on display tonight, with the host showing of some solid dance moves and pipes in a couple of sketches. His Scarecrow, stumbling into this week’s impressive live version of The Wiz, saw him breaking out some truly impressive, Ray Bolger-esque, loose-limbed dancing, and the otherwise underwhelming hometown sketch—with Kyle Mooney’s childhood bully goading him into singing and dancing for an appreciative bar of Cornwall, Ontario’s finest—had Gosling looking just as solid. If anything, I was worried that the brooding, Method intensity …

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