TV Club: RuPaul’s Drag Race: “Snatch Game”

After spending a lot of time last week writing about how badly this season needs Snatch Game, I’m happy to say that the annual event has finally arrived and continues to be a turning point in the competition. There’s now a firm line drawn between the front-runners and those that are starting to fizzle out, with some of the queens seizing this opportunity to rise to new heights while others drop the ball with questionable celebrity picks and uninspired performances.

The reason Snatch Game is so important is because Snatch Game is hard. Impersonating a specific person well is a skill that needs to be cultivated, and a lot of these queens just don’t have very much practice. And this is impersonation that involves interaction, which makes it even harder. Not only do the queens have to come up with answers that reflect the distinct personalities of …

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