TV Club: RuPaul’s Drag Race: “And The Rest Is Drag”

We lost Katya for this? “And The Rest Is Drag” is a total drag of an episode, losing the energy and character that makes this series so enjoyable and replacing it with sob stories and bitterness as the queens get ready to head into the finale. Sob stories and bitterness are pretty par for the course at this point in the competition, but usually there’s a big personality in the cast that provides some balance. Katya was that personality this season, the one season 7 queen that constantly exuded charisma, compassion, and wit, and her absence is strongly felt this week, especially in the cutaway interviews.

What makes Katya’s elimination even more disappointing is that the judges eliminate Kennedy this week even though she performs better in the main challenge. The queens are filming RuPaul’s “Born Naked” music video, and they have to perform choreography and play …

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