TV Club: Ronaldo’s enthusiasm is misdirected yet again on a mostly quiet Steven Universe

Most of the human characters of Steven Universe are either central targets for intensive arcs or pleasant background players, without many true supporting characters. For every Greg or Connie who has consistent, nuanced development, there’s a Buck or, God forbid, a Kevin. But Ronaldo has sort of been in the middle for a while. He’s not one of the core humans, and he probably never will be—but he’s also slowly changed over the course of the series, particularly in his relationship with Lars and his lurching attempt to understand the Gems.

Also, Ronaldo’s obnoxiousness and self-centered approach to the world are kind of the whole point of his character, which means it would be difficult for him to have a moment of selflessness and permanent change. This has produced a sort of uncanniness in the last couple of Ronaldo episodes, where his brief moments of …

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