TV Club: Robert and Frances try and fail to get back in the saddle on Divorce

After last week’s Christmas episode, Robert and Frances’ momentary truce on Divorce ends when Frances finds out the truth about his failing business. It’s an interesting deceptive parallel to Frances’ affair: How much do we keep from the people we’re closest to? And at what cost?

For the first time, Robert realizes the absolute truth of Frances’ deception when he has sex with Janice. Having sex with someone else makes him realize just what Frances went through those 34 (32) times to deceive him: the showers, the fake smiles, the lies. Robert, on his end, has refinanced their home and put the entire family’s finances in danger, without telling anyone. We can put these two acts against each other, as Robert and Frances do at the end of the episode, when they admit that during the whole of their marriage, they were never suspicious of each …

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