TV Club: Rick And Morty: “Total Rickall”

Do television series even do clip shows anymore? Reality series probably still churn out one every now and again, I guess, but it’s a rarity otherwise; no one turns on the latest episode of The Walking Dead expecting to see Rick and the rest regurgitating five minute chunks of previously aired misery. But the “clip show made up of clips that never actually existed before this episode” format is, while not exactly a cliche, at least something that’s been done. Clerks: The Animated Series did it. Community did it. And now Rick And Morty has done it—sort of. While a half hour of Rick and the rest (wait, what?) cueing up glimpses of horrifying hilarity that we’ll never see in context wouldn’t be completely out of place for the series, it also wouldn’t be quite enough on its own. Rick And Morty doesn’t …

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