TV Club: Rick And Morty: “The Ricks Must Be Crazy”

There’s nothing really shocking about anti-heroes anymore. As a response to goody two-shoes hero types, they’re delightful, but by now, the standard beats have become as familiar as the bland platitudes of nobility; the sudden shocking displays of selfishness, the brutal acts of violence, the apparent inability to change or even fully account for their decisions. These characters are narrative nitroglycerin, jumping storylines forward with their willingness to take shortcuts and their disinterest (apart from some perfunctory window-dressing) in the common good. But the surprise dulls after a while. You start to yearn for someone who acts like being a hero is maybe not such a bad thing after all.

Or, and this is more to the point of tonight’s episode, you yearn for a different approach. Rick is arguably an anti-hero (actually, you could get into a debate if he’s the real protagonist of the …

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