TV Club: Rick And Morty: “Mortynight Run”

One of the challenges of reviewing Rick And Morty—and boy, it’s just so damn hard sometimes y’know?—is to not raise the bar of expectation so high that no work of fiction could ever actually cross it. After waiting over a year for season 2, anything short of perfection ran the risk of being mildly disappointing. Last week’s “A Rickle In Time” wasn’t the best half hour the series has produced, but it did employ an impressively creative use of split screen and a smart, inventive time-fractured storyline. It fit neatly into the “boy, will they ever stop surprising us?” slot, and that was good. This week’s “Mortynight Run” has a daycare for all the potential Jerrys in the multiverse, which is nifty, but the main plot, in which Morty goes to great lengths to save the life on an alien being who may …

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