TV Club: Rick And Morty, “Big Trouble In Little Sanchez”

Of all the relationships established in Rick And Morty‘s first season, Beth and Jerry’s troubled marriage was the least promising. Pairing a self-pitying manchild with a control freak, uber-compotent, probably-too-good-for-him woman has been a comedy staple for decades now, and while this particular version pushed that scenario almost to the breaking point, it still didn’t seem to yield much in the way of results. Watching Rick and Morty and (eventually) Summer galavanting around the galaxy was the pull; watching Jerry and Beth have the same fight again, only to realize at the last minute that maybe they really are right for one another (in a way which nearly, but not entirely, transcends the dysfunction that brought on the fight in the first place), was cute, but had the potential to get real old, real fast.

Here we are over halfway through season two, and the scenario is …

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