TV Club: Rick and Michonne have adventures on a pleasant Walking Dead

I like Rick and Michonne as a couple in theory. Hell, I even like it most of the time in practice. Putting them together gave Michonne, one of the longest running characters on the series (and one of the best) something to do; and it made a lot more sense than just trying to pair Rick off with some random new character. The actors have chemistry, and I appreciate how comfortable the show is at letting them be physical—the montage of hunting-gathering-fooling around that opens tonight’s episode is, if not exactly graphic, then definitely not hiding the fact that the two are really, really into each other. And hey, sad as it is, an interracial couple on TV is still a nice change of pace, especially on a series that’s had certain problems in the past.

The best parts of “Say Yes” focus on Michonne and Rick …

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