TV Club: Richard breaks bad on Silicon Valley, and in the process breaks everything else

In his advance review of season three, Erik Adams made the key observation that while Silicon Valley‘s ensemble is its greatest strength, it smartly never gets away from keeping Richard Hendrix at the center: “This is still the story of a protagonist with a good idea, noble intentions, and ample vulnerabilities… the compelling tale of a creator forging his own path.” All the trials and tribulations that the Pied Piper crew has gone through has been because Richard wanted to run the company his own way, using his algorithm in the way he wanted to, and not become compromised like the other industry titans who wanted a piece of his success.

After “Hooli-Con,” that’s not what this journey feels like any more. Rather than making Richard the lone example of how to keep to your integrity intact in an uncaring industry, Richard seems to be chipping off that …

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