TV Club: Review leaps into its final season with confidence, joy, and lots of barf

You can’t go home again, so the saying goes. You can’t step in the same river twice… or, uh, you can’t leap into the same river, dragging your colleague and closest remaining friend with you, twice. So how does a show recover from its own spectacular season-ending (and at the time, potentially series-ending) plunge into uncertainty?

When the series is led by Forrest MacNeil, it returns with glib delight and terrifying certainty, that’s how. Having survived the fall from the bridge and the ensuing months in the wilderness subsisting on animal droppings, Forrest is more convinced than ever of the importance—the ineffable significance—of his work, against all evidence. After hearing his first assignment (“What’s it like to try our new Locorito?” asks the viral marketing team from Neato Taquito), Forrest shakily reaffirms to the audience and to himself his belief that fate has …

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