TV Club: Review: “Falsely Accused, Sleep With Your Teacher, Little Person”

Forrest MacNeil is an odd collection of impulses: He’s a control freak who hands over major life choices to other people. To review the experience of being falsely accused, Forrest enlists his intern Josh (H. Michael Croner) and Josh’s ever-present girlfriend Tina (Hayley Huntley) as his accusers, pretending to give them free rein. “Pick a crime on here, any crime at all,” he instructs them, looking over the Burbank police blotter, then narrows it down. “Someone’s been stealing avocados from this woman’s tree. That’s perfect.”

But Josh and Tina—mostly Tina, it seems—have bigger plans. The horror of watching them trump up evidence against him—a gas can covered with his fingerprints, his glasses left at the scene, his signature on hate mail—mingles with an odd satisfaction. Forrest leaves devastation in his wake. He breaks hearts and ruins lives. When he realizes Josh …

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