TV Club: Review: “Curing Homosexuality, Mile High Club”

“Curing Homosexuality, Mile High Club” is perhaps the least uproarious, upsetting, engaging episode of Review so far… which is to say, it’s simply a very funny episode of television full of thoughtful character moments.

Forrest’s first request sounds encouraging at first, with the parents of a newly out gay man asking how they can better understand him… so they can cure him of homosexuality. Even our unflagging host is nonplussed by this assignment.

Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly), nonplussed (Comedy Central)

But not for long! Forrest MacNeil won’t be held back by mere impossibility, or by the suspicion he’s undertaking a philosophically offensive task. Even if he were, his producer won’t let him.

Grant’s persuasion is both adept and blatantly specious. Using a combination of flattery and shaming, he unhesitatingly constructs a rickety logical argument that only someone desperately invested in his own denial would …

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