TV Club: Review: “Cult, Perfect Body”

Though he hands off decisions to strangers, Forrest MacNeil is driven by internal urges he neither understands nor acknowledges. In “Cult, Perfect Body,” one hidden motivation surfaces. Throughout the episode, Forest isn’t just determined to complete his tasks. He’s determined to prove other people wrong.

The first assignment of “Cult, Perfect Body” comes from Theo of Oklahoma City, whose odd phrasing bridges the gap between the episode’s two experiments: “I’ve recently saved up enough money to open my own CrossFit gym, so… what’s it like to be a cult leader?” Forrest’s combination of insecurity and hubris is a heady cocktail on its own; mixed first with the devotion of his followers, then with toxic spikes of steroid rage, it’s deadly.

The ease with which Forrest spins Review‘s elements into the guiding principles of a cult is both revealing and unsurprising. Review is …

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