TV Club: Review: “Catfish, Haunted House”

Forrest’s father, Mr. MacNeil, was in danger from the moment he appeared, and as his houses burned down and he took a gunshot, my anxiety for him only increased. Every episode, I brace to witness his horrible, needless death. So much of Review‘s devastation happens on camera, in a hail of bullets or a raging fire (or another hail of bullets and another raging fire), frankly showing the toll the show takes on Forrest—and on those who support him. But Review is trying a fresh tactic: patience.

The first assignment, catfishing an unsuspecting internet dater, takes patience, too. Forrest first has to learn what catfishing is, then learn how to do it. “Seems like a crazy waste of time for the catfisher,” Mr. MacNeil chimes in from his spot on the office floor; since his second home was burned down, Mr. MacNeil and Forrest sleep on the …

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