TV Club: Relive the Bronco chase in American Crime Story

When you think back on the O.J. Simpson case, you’re likely to immediately conjure up two images in your brain: a white Bronco and an ill-fitting glove. Both were once-innocuous objects that are now forever associated with the trial but while the glove factors in later and was important to the acquittal, it’s the Bronco that will always feel like the most important symbol. A white Bronco is no longer a white Bronco. It is forever linked with O.J. Simpson, with those overhead shots from news cameras above the highway, and with the urgency of crowding around the television watching this strange spectacle take place. The vehicle will always be closely associated with Simpson’s most famous run: not any of his athletic displays on the football field but his run away from the police and toward possible suicide, a run that he had to have …

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