TV Club: Rejection and dismissal lead to the most powerful People Of Earth yet

As we’ve learned more and more about the backgrounds of each member of StarCrossed, one key question has remained: how do their families feels about this? Perhaps more pertinently, do they even know? In the sixth episode, we find out that the answer to that question is no, as Gina plans a “coming out day,” in which each member has to reveal to one relative or significant other that they are an Experiencer. Sensing a disaster in the making, Ozzie decides to sit this one out, telling Gina he had food poisoning (“probably ate some bad chicken!”). As we watch the night play out, it becomes clear that he made the right call, as the event goes every bit as horribly as he predicts. However, the episode ultimately presents us a lot of growth and development, as each member of StarCrossed has to deal with not being believed, and …

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