TV Club: Reign warms its hands in the glow of a garbage fire

Some shows are easy to grade; they make their own rubric from the available resources, and reach their potential to a generally-obvious degree episode to episode. Reign is a more difficult prospect; how do I rate ”Fight Or Flight,” an episode in which the narrative was a garbage fire of hasty nothings trying to restart half-forgotten subplots in the wake of a Francis vacuum, but I laughed out loud three times because Megan Follows can sell literally anything?

I erred on the side of narrative, though it was a tough call. How does one judge this episode’s political plot, egregious even for a show that plays as fast and loose with history as Reign? There’s not even enough internal continuity to support the A-plot on its own terms: In the wake of Francis’ death, the privy council is gathering to cast a vote about who will be the …

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