TV Club: Reign: “Tempting Fate”

This second season has been more of a slow burn versus last season’s hurtling train, but the past couple episodes have signaled building momentum towards…well, something dramatic. If Reign decides to go along with history, the climax will be Francis’ death; if it doesn’t, it will be Mary reclaiming Scotland. In the meantime, everyone’s respective plots are spinning out into multi-pronged monsters that are getting increasingly hard to understand.

One of the more nonsensical aspects of Reign right now is the rapid dissolution of Bash and Kenna’s marriage. While Caitlin Stasey has had some real character-driven conflict to chew on with Kenna’s frustration, poor Torrance Coombs has had a hell of a time trying to keep up with Bash’s constantly changing motivation. When Bash isn’t busy interrogating the Common Folk about vaguely mysterious happenings in town, he is sulking. Every so often …

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